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The Importance Of Pinging The URL To Your Blog Or Website

The Importance Of Pinging The URL To Your Blog Or Website

ping my urlMany people know the basic of internet marketing, but there are some internet tools that are available for people to use that they are not aware of.
I was speaking to an associate of mine who was having trouble with traffic to his blog. When I asked if he pinged his URL, there was a brief silence and then posed the questions "What is ping and why would I use it?"

What is pinging?>
Pinging is a general term where a server will distribute a new URL to hundreds of search engine websites. These websites often do not automatically update when new pages on websites or new updates on blogs post, so it basically helps these sites recognize that there is new content.

How to Ping
There are a variety of different websites that you can use to ping all of your links for free. Among the top ones that I use are Ping-O-Matic, Pingler, and PingMyURL. BulkPing is my favorite. It is an amazing server that allows you to ping as many websites as you would like all at the same time either by copying and pasting the URLs or uploading a word document where the server will automatically seek out the URLs that are located in the document.

I especially like this tool because it makes it simple to ping my URLs all at the same time in the same place and it will confirm each of the URL's that are pinged and how many websites they were sent to! This will increase the random traffic to your website by linking keywords to whatever the content of your website or blog is by bringing it up more often to the view of the public that are simply searching for new topics to learn about.

When you ping your websites, I always recommend to use the specific page URLs, this way the person browsing the website will not have to click around and guess which page might be useful in their search..
Be wary of your content
Remember, when you are building your websites or blogs, search engines can be a little smarter than they appear. If all you are posting are links, then Google or Yahoo might get suspicious and may flag your website as spam-filled or unreliable. I always recommend to write your own content this way there is a lesser chance of plagiarism.

Some people like to outsource their writing to someone who will write for a fee. That is all completely up to you!
I hope all of this was helpful and if you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns please comment below!

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