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The Decline Of Private Dentist Techniques

The Decline Of Private Dentist Techniques

Independent private dental practices are declining, and have been since 2009, according to a report by the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute. Earnings are down, and bankruptcy is on the rise. Some reasons include adults spending less money on dental treatments, corporate dental practices buying out private ones, and people opting for more frequent dental hygienist treatments. Another reason, which is not well known, is that many private dentist practices are not properly listed on local search engines.

Local search engines are important when considering that most people use search engines rather than a telephone book for local businesses and services. graig presti local marketing expert, indicates that as high as eighty-six percent of practices are not listed. That means the competition is getting business just because their practice shows up on the listings. People will also do searches before making any appointments. They are looking for pricing, the services the practices offers, any reviews available, and the reputation. If a dentist is not listed, does not have a presence on social media, and does not have an interactive website, it is possible the practice will not get calls, not get new patients, and not get enough profits.

Graig Presti dental marketing expert, has a company and offers local search engine optimization, along with other services, to private dentists. That is the only focus of the business, so each practice receives a customized plan to increase its overall internet presence. The process begins with a search of the practice to see if it is on the listings, and where it is on the listings. Like regular search engine optimization (SEO), local marketing seo requires a listing on the first page to be successful. Most people do not look past the first page.

Recommendations are made for increasing rankings, improving the website, and participating on many social media pages. As indicated by graig presti facebook expert, videos, posts, and announcements via social media are a great way to improve rankings, interact with perspective patients, and allow current patients to write positive reviews. Dentists can find Graig Presti on facebook, other social media sites, and on the company website, as well. Strengthening an internet presence, improving local search engine rankings, and increasing the number of positive patient reviews can help keep a private practice thriving. Do not wait until it is too late, find out how local rankings effect the practice, and how to make sure that is boosted to increase new patients and revenues.

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