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Payday Loans

Payday Loans

We assume that black holes last pretty much forever, but maybe not. Gravity escapes a black hole merely travelling at light speed. Maybe photons escape black holes too, redshifted to the far end of the electromagnetic spectrum. What if black holes eventually lost just about all their energy as radiation and literally fell apart. Decades ago there was talk about worm holes connecting different areas of space and to white holes.

The way I see it is if a black hole did payday loans no credit check of that, it would quickly cease to exist online payday loans as it lost so much mass. The point source of mass inside a black hole is probably nonsense as such would not spin, online payday loans and black holes spin (we see from their event horizons).

I like to think the Universe is somehow cyclic but that would have to mean that black holes are not virtually immortal. Black holes were only a thought, nothing cut in stone. Since we can only see approx. Yet the little I know of Euclidian math makes it almost a certainty to me that we live in a three dimensional world along with a fourth called time. My problem is in designing the scenario of a big expansion. One progressing to include a fully grown universe, then through attrition and entropy, return cyclically to a compacted anti-matter world, thus allowing the continuance of another new universe.

Mike, would you give me a bit more of your expertise on a center-less universe. At this juncture of expansion, I think attraction and repulsion are a direct cause and effect of magnet influence, one galaxies power over another.

I know all of this reads like a bunch of B.

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